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Architecture - Planning and Implementation

Architectural and engineering services in building projects.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the bases for the planning and implementation of building projects entrusted to me form cost-conscious and environment-conscious construction with a comprehensive draught, attractive solutions with the creation of the building and the interiors as well as the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials from leading manufacturers.

I am developing the overall concept and detail solutions for construction projects of various sizes - residential buildings, commercial and public buildings, upmarket interior design, remodeling and improvement of existing buildings and renovation of old buildings.

You will receive a competent and reliable advice concerning all questions about your building project. The entire design and construction process is designed for you as a building owner accountable and transparent from the initial concept to completion. Your interests are represented faithfully and with certainty.

I will provide all the necessary architectural services.

  ·  Architectural draught planning  (drawings in scale 1: 100, 3D visualization, analysis of energy efficiency),

  ·  Integration of the planning of specialist engineers,

  ·  Preliminary negotiations with city offices and departments,

  ·  Building permit  (creating the documents to be submitted),

  ·  Implementation planning  (drawings in scale 1:50, detailed engineering to 1: 5),

  ·  Preparation for awarding contracts  (arranging of service specifications, obtaining the offers),

  ·  Assistance in contract award  (evaluation of bids, preparing construction works contract),

  ·  Construction-quality monitoring  (construction management, auditing, project documentation).

As desired, can be done in cooperation with the construction company ENCON GmbH in Berlin a turnkey implementation of your project.

The website serves as a meeting platform. It's nice to meet you.


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